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Change form, how does it work?

Adapted procedure because of the coronavirus

Due to the large amount of requests for cancellations and modifications by the coronavirus, the response time is longer than you are used to. We apologize for this and thank you for your understanding and patience. Currently we apply other modification and cancellation procedures applicable to ensure the optimal operational processes to provide support for the customers with urgent matters.

Check our most frequently asked questions and updates on the coronavirus here.

Standard procedure (before coronavirus)  

If you want to change a date or route in your flight ticket, the main booker can do this by filling in the change form below. Within two working days you will receive an email from us with the change conditions for your flight tickets including a payment link, in case your flight ticket conditions allow a change in date and or route.

Note: this is only a request for change, the final change will only be made if you have agreed to the costs and paid via the payment link that you receive from us. Air tickets can vary in price. When you receive the payment link from us, we advise you to pay as soon as possible, to make sure the price will not fluctuate. The payment link is valid until 9:00 PM on the day of sending to complete the payment.

If you change within five days before departure, please fill in the form and contact us by phone. This way we ensure that your booking is changed on time. Follow the steps below to initiate the change request.

Pay attention! Do you want to request a name change or correction in the name? Then it is not possible to use the change form, but you will have to contact our customer contact center. Check all information about name changes here ( add hyperlink).

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